Walkerville Thrives

... a non-profit community development group

OUR CAUSE is to improve the quality of life in the Area, Walkerville and surrounding Townships. The Walkerville Thrives Area includes six townships from Oceana and Newaygo Counties. They are Colfax, Crystal, Elbridge, Leavitt, Troy, and Beaver.

OUR PURPOSE is guiding positive growth through 1) seeking funding to implement projects, 2) to promote businesses and to increase their visibility, and 3) growing and maintaining community assets.

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Community Meeting

Do you love your community? Do you have ideas for the area? Help promote growth by attending our monthly community development meetings and having your voice heard! Working together is a great thing to do!

If meetings don't interest you but you still want to be involved, contact us and we can give you suggestions on projects or volunteer opportunities. Many hands make light work as we move towards our community development goals and see the Walkerville area continue to thrive!

Monthly Board Meetings

Board members of Walkerville Thrives hold monthly meetings to address internal organization tasks and to do high level planning for Walkerville Thrives.

Do you need to talk with the Board of Walkerville Thrives? Please contact us to be added to the agenda. We will confirm the date, time, and location with you. As we know your time is valuable, visitors will always be at the top of the agenda so you may choose to stay or leave after your topic has been addressed.

Contact Us

Walkerville Thrives Logo
Name Role
Deanna Helmlinger President
Emma Kirwin Vice Pres.
Cindy Figgins Treasurer
Volunteer Needed Secretary

Contact us on our "Walkerville Thrives" Facebook Page.